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Have you tried our house-made Cannabutter, Cooking Oil or Massage Oil yet? They're chock full of cannabinoids!
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≥ 1500mg CBD

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Little Collins CBD Cannabutter

We've always stated cannabis belongs in the homes of Ireland, and our 'Cannteen' range represents our committment to this goal!

Our house-made, vegan Cannabutter is here!


CBD-infused organic coconut oil, with decarbonated, premium Little Collins hemp flowers and a fraction of sunflower lechtin.


There is 18-20 grams of high-quality, organic hemp CBD flower in our ≥1500mg cannabis butter-balm!

As with any full spectrum product, you're also benefiting from additional cannabinoids, a wide spectrum of terpenes, plus all the vitamins, omegas, amino acids and all the goodness of the hemp super-food!


as a BUTTER: Perfect for preparing home-made edibles! Use as a replacement for oil, fat or butter in recipes. Great for pancakes, stir-frys or even in your coffee! We use this guy to create our CBD Maple Shot in the dispensaries ;-)

as a TOPICAL Body Butter: Rub into sore muscle, inflamed joints, dry or irritated skin - this product is very versatile!


5ml twice per day (a level teaspoon's worth)

We do not recommend exceeding 10ml (2 teaspoons' worth) per day. This is a full spectrum, highly bioavailable product.


Store this product in a cool (not cold), dark and dry place to keep it fresh for as long as possible.

Best By:

Internal use (butter): 12 weeks after opening.

External use (topical): 12 months after opening.

Please note, customers are increasingly turning to this cannabis balm to help relieve associated symptoms of conditions such as fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and insomnia.

This product is highly bioavailable.

We now deliver our CBD Cannabutter to both Ireland and the UK.


Independently certified to contain 0.2% or less THC to comply with EU and Irish law. Grown from EIHA EU certified strains. Hemp (cannabis sativa L) is not marijuana. Traditional food, legal under EU article 2306.

Disclaimer: CBD products are not medicines and can not diagnose, treat or cure diseases. Always consult your own doctor before starting a new dietary program. If you are sick or unwell, we advise you visit your GP.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Life changing

Shannon recommended the cannabutter to me. This product is life changing, it has soothed my anxiety so much. I am simply stunned at how effective this product is and it's available at such a good price. Liitlecollins have saved my life x

patrick o.
Spider bite

I got a nasty spider bite on my finger feom a false widow that was in my glove.5 weeks later after trying everything it still was not healing.i bought this cannabutter from little collins and it got here on friday jist gone 5 days later after treating it with the cannabutter and covering it up with a plaster it is almost completely healed.10/10 once again little in the country by far

Alef N.D.
Sleeping better and feeling less anxious

This butter has been helping me a lot with my anxiety, and it's way cheaper than therapy haha, I'm also sleeping way better

Canna Butter

Excellent product, have been taking it for the past year for Fibromyalgia , with good ease of painful muscles

Excellent product and process of using the full plant

I have been using CBD for several years now, mainly through vaporising flowers and concentrates. My partner suffers from particularly terrible menstrual cramps due to a disorder and I bought this for her back in December. I can say that it works very well for her. Within an hour of consuming a teaspoon mixed into a hot chocolate, her pain has subsided significantly to the point that she is no longer suffering, and she sleeps like a rock. Wouldn’t trust anyone else with our cbd products, go on the LC!

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