Walter the Wizard and the Magic Seed Book


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Walter is a wizard on a mission to help find his friend Titch, who is suffering from having seizures.

Younger and older readers alike will enjoy and learn from Walter and his friend Terrance the Troll as they explore the benefits of cannabis and CBD in their hope to give Titch the quality of life she deserves. 

Walter is on a similar mission to that of Little Collins. Together our mission is to help spread awareness and education surrounding the cannabis plant. By doing this, we can change perceptions and show the younger generation its many healing properties surrounding the endocannibinoid system. 

If you would like to address the societal stigma attached unfairly to the cannabis plant in your or your friends/family's household - look no further as the author Allison Littlefair will create a new learning narrative for future generations to come through the magic wand of Walter the Wizard!