Greenhouse - 11% CBG

Genesis KUSH CBG

  • Genesis KUSH CBG

Greenhouse - 11% CBG

Genesis KUSH CBG



CBG: 10.6, CBD: 2%, THC: 0.1%

Greenhouse grown, humidity and temperature support, no lighting

Kompolti, non-hybrid 

CBG = cannabigerol

CBG is a parent molecule and a chemical precursor to all other cannabinoids

Generally speaking, from the modest amount of research available, CBG is quite similar to CBD in terms of its results.

However, areas of initial research point to where the science has spotted potential. And these areas include:

- GABA reuptake inhibition (mood, anxiety)

- anti-bacterial studies, several 

- anti-inflammatory, with particular note to IBD

From our own experience, customers have mentioned it quite effective in an indica-style. We've also had a number of customers speak highly of CBG in terms of pain relief. 

CBG is one of the 'next big things' in the cannabis world. There's a lot of research happening with CBG behind-the-scenes right now...

You are some of the first people in Ireland trying high-CBG flower!

Enjoy :)


Our Grower's Selection CBG Bud is hand-picked, 100% organic hemp, greenhouse grown. 

Independently certified to contain 0.2% or less THC to comply with EU and Irish law. Grown from EIHA EU certified strains. Hemp is cannabis sativa L, not marijuana.

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