Leonard's AMNESIA

Indoor - 21% CBD

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The Classic Strain! 

We've never seen larger, more solid buds than Leonard's AMNESIA. It's almost like they forgot to stop growing...

Now although the Leonard's AMNESIA CBD Bud may look like baby green gorillas, we can assure they taste as smooth as anything we've encountered. And the smell, well... it's like opening a portal to your teenage years, where all your potent, dank, earthy memories come flooding back. 'Dazed and Confused', anyone? 

Our Leonard's AMNESIA CBD Buds are hand-picked, 100% organic hemp, 80/20 sativa to indica mix.


Independently certified to contain 0.2% or less THC to comply with EU and Irish law. Grown from EIHA EU certified strains. Hemp is cannabis sativa L, not marijuana.

Leading Supplier of Leonard's AMNESIA CBD Buds in Ireland

20 Reviews

  • 5
    Terp City

    Posted by James on 14th Sep 2021

    Meticulously trimmed and perfectly cured. Vaporised it is a real treat for the senses. LC always exceed my expectations, hands down my all time favourite business to deal with.

  • 5
    ridiculously good service

    Posted by Joe on 9th Apr 2021

    This is probably my favourite of the many excellent strains available here from these guys. They also go above and beyond to get the deliveries to me, which is so greatly appreciated. Awesome stuff everyone, thank you!

  • 5
    Straight to the healing!

    Posted by Adam M on 8th Apr 2021

    This strain doesn’t take any shortcuts! It gets straight in with calming effects and helping with pain. Cleared my mind and lifted my mood instantly! 100% top quality!

  • 5
    Rich pine flavour, chilled sleepy effects

    Posted by Danny on 30th Mar 2021

    I ordered 14g of this lovely bud and it arrived the next day, amazing! The bud smells very rich when opening the packet, forest pine, floral and earth flavour - very pleasant. The flowers are nice and fuzzy with plenty of tiny beige/orange trichomes and a few darker stigmas. The nugs I got were quite small - similar to the 'hemp smalls' listing - Not a problem for me as it's easier to grind, and they a little overweight too. The effects for me were quite sedating, surprising for a sativa dominant hybrid, but still completely the clear and focussed effects that you would only get from a bud containing little to no THC. This bud is perfect for when you need to cool anxiety or irritability without nodding off or getting 'high' on THC. Thanks Little Collins! I will be ordering again! Oh and thanks for the extra little sample of the OGalway kush, will be trying that next :)

  • 5

    Posted by Iggy K on 15th Mar 2021

    Great service, ordered on Thursday evening and had it Monday morning! Lovely stuff, melts anxiety away, can't recommend LC enough, keep up the Trojan work guys!

  • 5
    Great service

    Posted by B on 8th Mar 2021

    Ordered on Saturday, delivered first thing Monday morning. Can't fault it. My anxiety has been off the charts the past few days, already feel at ease after my first bowl. Lovely buds, great smell.

  • 5
    I love it

    Posted by Spurdo on 8th Mar 2021

    Feels really silly to be this excited about some herb, but I just can't help it. I'm trying to get rid of THC while also having some really nasty stress coming from left, right, up and down. First time ordering CBD and couldn't be happier. Placed order on Sunday and I had it the next day. Thank you and keep this awesome thing going!

  • 5
    Forget your troubles and just get happy

    Posted by Vannessa Marovatsanga on 22nd Oct 2020

    Absolutely amazing. I feel so relaxed. Anxiety melted. A new favourite.

  • 5
    Best CBD bud I've Ever Had

    Posted by Will Q on 13th Oct 2020

    Got this CBD to help with some of the symptoms associated with a tolerance break from THC. A big thing I missed from smoking was the act rolling one up, the process so to speak. These CBD buds allow me to do that with the benefit of getting in a high amount of great quality CBD. I feel more relaxed and at ease after smoking it, and I'm looking forward to trying it before I sleep. The buds taste and smell great, and they threw in a little extra which was a lovely surprise. It really added a human touch to my order! Delivery was the best I've ever experienced in Dublin. Order was placed at 8.10pm the day before, and it arrived the following morning by 10.45am. That's incredible. Already looking forward to buying some more

  • 5
    Excellent quality!

    Posted by Ken on 9th Oct 2020

    I’m a new customer, and this was one of the first varieties I tried. I’ve been using CBD oil for a couple of years, but it never hit the spot quite like this does. I’m a big fan! Purchased to help deal with inflammation from increased training, but I’ve been sleeping so much better. Definite win-win. I can’t believe how good these buds smell. I’ve already received my second order. Brilliant service all round!

  • 5
    Great Stuff!:)

    Posted by Courtney on 23rd Sep 2020

    My first order and can definitely say I’m going to be a loyal customer from now on in! Was looking for something natural to combat my anxiety and this was exactly what I needed. Great stuff and delivered insanely quick. Super happy, if you’re on the bench about buying I urge you to try it out for yourself!

  • 5

    Posted by D. on 17th Sep 2020

    Beautiful buds, really well cured, Delivered with a smile.. Order was way over weight too which is never bad,, Thanks again LC